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Wafer reclaim

Wafer reclaim is a service in which we recycle waste wafers of customers into wafers of original monitor or dummy wafer level for supply. With respect to recovery methods, processes (recipe) suitable for the specifications that customers demand are selected.
For instance, under the normal recovery method, the polishing process is applied to remove damaged layers. However, the chemical method which does not entail polishing is more effective for wafers with less surface damage, such as film formation tests of resists. Though it is less effective at the particle level than polishing, the chemical process is becoming popular as a recovery method that does not affect the material thickness or flatness.
Reclaim fees are charged based on the quantity of finished good products.
Wafers which cannot be reclaimed are either returned to the customer or used by us as enviroment-friendry recycled materials.
Our wafer reclaim service is highly flexible, meeting detailed grade classifications,
and it also accommodates diverse needs, such as the supply of reclaimed wafers after deposition.

Price NT$ 1

再生種類 能進行再生的膜種類 尺寸
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