https://www.winworldtea.com/en/contact.html Winworld international Trade Co.,LTD https://www.winworldtea.com/en/images/corpimg.png 6F., No. 8, Ln. 72, Zhongxiao Rd.,East Dist.,Hsinchu City 300042,Taiwan(R.O.C) $ 03-621-1098      Winworld International Trade Co.,LTD (WINt) engaged in commerce business involves a number of areas, mainly machinery, second-hand equipment, furniture, Taiwan's high mountain tea and other items, In semiconductor market, mainly offer raw materials and semiconductor consumables, equipment parts, such as heat conduction or heat dissipation materials, dummy wafers, optical glass. Also WINt offers consulting services to a variety of practitioners for customer’s demand, welcome business people and i negotiate.      The global market for used equipment and services continues to pickup speed and our mission can be accomplished if we are all willing to work towards our common goals, and WINt have all kinds of second-hand equipment company products, to be transferred, if necessary, please contact us.
https://www.winworldtea.com/en/ Winworld international Trade Co.,LTD
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Address:6F., No. 8, Ln. 72, Zhongxiao Rd.,East Dist.,Hsinchu City 300042,Taiwan(R.O.C) (Full display google map)

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